Entries are open for this months of challenge choose your option below!

We have challenges varying from 21,100, 200 and 400 miles in a month. These all need to be completed on some form of bike and you need to record your mileages. 

You can also choose our Year long challenge which commits you and challenges you to ride every month of the year and try and better your miles each month and build up your mileage distances. 

You can use any form of bike that has pedals and you can record the distance ridden. That means a normal bike, pedalo, tricycle, unicycle and e-bike. We invite everyone to take part and challenge yourself to ride further. 

1 Year Challenge Information

The year long challenge is designed for everybody who wants to either push theirselves for a whole year, slowly build up their fitness or wants to try something new and get an awesome medal set at the end of there challenging year. 

With all the medals interlocking and slowly building up over the course of a year you can physically see your progress infront of you as you collect your 12 outer segments to slot in and inter lock around your centre piece filing I each month as it come round. 

Click here if you want to enter into the year long challenge.