Diss Rider Information

Sportive Rider Information

Start Times from the Park in Diss:

100 mile : 8am to 9am

50 mile : 9am to 9:30am

25 miles : 9:30am to 10am


On the day : if you’ve got your wristband, rider number then just go to the Start on the park in Diss and you can get going.  If you’ve paid but don’t have a wristband or rider number collect this from the registration desk on the park.  If you need to pay on the day (it’ll be an extra £5) then also go to the registration desk.

Contact Number On The Day

(Please Store In Your Phone) :

07521 999865



You’re responsible for your own safety when riding – here is some advice to help.

Group Riding

Many of you will be familiar with riding in groups but, if not, please remember to 

  • not brake too sharply if riders are behind you 

  • give a shout (“on your right”, etc.) if you’re passing other riders

  • point out pot holes

  • never overlap wheels.

Potholes and Gravel

The sportive routes includes lots of lovely Norfolk and Suffolk country lanes.  The downside of these is that they do have lots of potholes and tend to get piles of gravel.  Please be alert and point them out to following riders.


If you come across a horse (there’s lots of ’em around these parts!) please slow right down, give the rider a shout to make sure they’ve seen you and then go by slowly, chatting to the horse as you go.  This last bit is important, particularly for young horses, as they won’t know you’re a human rather than a lycra clad, horse-eating monster.  Chatting to them lets them know you’re a friendly human.


If it’s a medical emergency, call 999.  If you get lost or need help call the home base back in Diss (the number will be provided before the day).


For mechanical problems – please come prepared to fix punctures and basic stuff yourself.  If it’s more serious than that and you can’t continue then call the broom wagon.

If you need first aid, then we’ll have a first aider back in Diss but otherwise please take anything you need with you (sun cream, plasters, etc.)

Car Parking

Car parking is limited but if you need to bring your car – please park on Fair Green.  It’s free but we’d rather you rode into Diss if you can.

If you’ve already got your rider number then you don’t need to sign on – just head straight for the start in the park.  If you need to buy a place (£5 extra on the day) or have any questions head to the Nine Town start/finish on Diss Park. 

Start times are:

100 mile : 8am to 9am

50 mile : 9am to 9:30am

25 miles : 9:30am to 10am

Turn up at a suitable point within your time slot and we’ll then set riders off in sensibly small groups.

Mechanical Help

You should come prepared to fix punctures and minor mechanical problems yourself but you can get help as follows.

Pedal Revolution mechanics van will be available at the start for minor repairs and if anything major happens on route.

If all else fails then you can be picked up by the Broom Wagon by calling the number saved above.


Below you’ll find details of the 3 routes on the Diss Cyclathon.  Click on the Download GPX button and that will take you to Ridewithgps.com which lets you download the route as a GPX file (for your Garmin or Garmin-a-like device) or print out the route instructions if you’re going old school

All the routes take in country lanes. These are great riding but watch out for pot holes and keep a watch out for horses and other road users.

25 Mile Route

The 25 mile route is a lovely ride from Diss to Harleston and back along country lanes with views across the Wensum valley.  It crosses a few main roads (so take care there) but we’ve kept the crossings to clear places where it’s as safe as possible to cross.

50 Mile Route

The 50 mile route takes in Harleston, Long Stratton, Wymondham and Attleborough before returning back to Diss.  It’s mostly on country lanes and has a halfway feed stop in Long Stratton at the Leisure Centre.

100 Mile Route

The 100 mile route takes in all nine towns and is a mix of meandering country lanes and faster, open stretches where you can give your legs a bit of a workout.  These open stretches are on busier roads so please take care.  There are also a couple of cattle grids on the run in from Euston as you go through Knettishall Heath so go steady over them.

The route is designed around three stops – a water stop at 33 miles in Loddon at St John’s Church Hall, another at 75 miles in East Harling at the Sports and Social club and a food stop at 50 miles at the Leisure Centre in Long Stratton.  If you want there are also several places along the way (Attleborough and Wymondham for example) where there are good options for stops if you need them.