Filby Village Hall Rallyé

Brand New Style of Mass Participation Events

Our unique Cycle Rallyé event format gives you the challenge of riding fully signposted and risk accessed routes of between 25 and 100 miles but, uniquely, we have transformed the Cycle Sportive format upside down with the event village now in the middle of the ride so we can innovatively spread riders arriving across the day to avoid unnecessary social gatherings and contravention of Government guidelines. The big day atmosphere, personal challenge and inspiration remains, and it is blended with Social Distancing and an event design that encourages safe and responsible cycling.


Filby Village Hall

What is a Rallyé Series Event?

The Tour de Broads Rallyé series is transforming cycling mass participation events and making them fit, safe and responsible for 2020.  You still have the option of 25, 50, 75 and 100 mile fully signposted and risk accessed routes but you choose your starting and finishing point along our circular routes rather than sharing a car park and field with 2000 fellow cyclists and hundreds of spectators. It may be close to your home or somewhere you could ride/drive to and use as your base for the day. We setup our famous event village along the circular route. All you need to do is select an event village arrival time. We have provided a calculator so you can work out your start time based on the distance along the route from the Event Village you choose to start, your normal riding speed and how many stops you may fancy!

1. Choose your ride distance from 25, 50, 75 or 100 miles, or choose your own bespoke route.

2. Choose a startpoint along your selected route. This could be close to your home, a B&B  or just somewhere you fancy parking up and using as your base for the day. All our routes pass through pretty villages which offer free car parking and wonderful cafes. You can even start from home.

3. Choose an arrival time at the event village – these are in one hour blocks to allow for delays and unplanned stops etc 

4. Select how many riders will be coming and fill in all the additional information for each rider for their elected time slot.

5. Ride your chosen event distance on our signposted routes your own bespoke route with friends, family, colleagues or as a personal challenge. Our events are famous for attracting riders of all ages, experience levels and riding all types of bikes, tandems, trikes and ebikes. Please observe Government guidelines on social distancing.

6. Arrive anytime during your selected hour at out event village to receive the famous Tour de Broads welcome, lunch, souvenir photo and brilliant chunky medal.

Our new Rallye event format offers all the traditional Cycle Sportive features but critically allows us to manage the flow of riders and social gatherings at the event village and keep our team and all our riders safe in these challenging times.

At The Pedal Revolution, we are passionate about creating responsible events for riders to enjoy in these challenging times and have worked hard in the background to create the unique Rallye Series of events for you. Please come and support us and enjoy a safe and responsible day out with like minded riders who value the pleasure of a big day out on their bikes as much as you do…

Filby Village Hall Rallyé

Step by step guide

The Tour de Broads Cycle Rallyé Series is a collection of three brand-new Cycle Rallyé events spread across Norfolk designed to offer cyclists a safe and responsible way to challenge themselves, stretch their cycling ambitions and offer a rewarding and inspirational day out amidst the current desert of postponed and cancelled traditional cycling events. 

  • Choose your ride distance 
  • Choose your arrival window
  • Choose your start point and calculate your start time
  • Enjoy your ride along our signposted routes
  • Arrive at our Rallye event village
  • Free lunch 
  • Special custom inter-linking medal 
  • Souvenir photo
  • Leave the Rallye event village and continue around your chosen circular route back to your start point
  • Mechanical Support along our routes for peace of mind

 1. Choose Your Distance

We have 25, 50, 75 and 100 mile fully signposted and risk accessed circular routes passing through our Rallyé event village. Or choose your own route to our halfway stop at our event village.

2. Choose Your Arrival Window

Select a one-hour window for your arrival at the Rallyé event village for your lunch stop halfway. These are limited to allow us to manage and control the flow of riders and meet Government social distancing guidelines.

3. Choose Your Start Point

Examine your chosen circular route and choose your starting point. All our routes pass through pretty villages/towns which often offer free parking and café facilities for pre-ride meeting points with family and friends and somewhere to debrief after the ride with a cuppa and slice of cake! Please observe Government social distancing guidelines.

Use our ride calculator to work out your start time based on your usual riding speed and number of stops etc.

4. Arrive

Our Rallyé event village will offer you a midway stop and refreshments but perhaps most importantly, your hard earnt moment of celebration, recognition and glory as you ride through the village area, under the arch, collect your medal and pose for your souvenir photo.

5. Lunch

All riders who arrive in their selected time slot will be given a FREE lunch with vegetarian and gluten free options.

6. Special Custom Interlinking Medal

All riders receive a Tour de Broads medal which forms part of our three-part interlinking Tour de Broads Rally Medal ensemble. The medal will be perfect size to pop in your back pocket and continue your ride. Why not show it off with pride on your ride home too? 

7. Souvenir Photo

We always offer you the opportunity for a podium or “finish line” photo at our events. We post up all the hi-res photos for you to download for free as a souvenir of your day out with us. Enjoy the moment and have a keepsake memory to look back on.

8. Continue Your Ride

After lunch, photos, medals and a relax leave our Rallyé event village and continue on your selected circular route back to your start point.

9. Mechanical Support

For your total piece of mind, we will have our mechanical support vehicles and mechanics out on the routes ready to assist you if you need it. The phone number is on your rider number.

Useful Information

Working out your time window

You will be asked to choose a 1 hour time window to arrive at our event village. Please carefully workout how long it will take you to get to us. Please use the below link to work out you estimated time relevant to how far your are cycling and your average speed. Speed Distance Time Calculator

Circular Routes (Fully Signposted)
* NEW LOCATION * Filby Village Hall

100 Mile (Red Loop) – https://ridewithgps.com/routes/33542185

75 Mile (Blue Loop) – https://ridewithgps.com/routes/33542222

50 Mile (Yellow Loop) – https://ridewithgps.com/routes/33542305

25 Mile (Green Loop) – https://ridewithgps.com/routes/33542392

Suggested parking spots for the circular routes

100 Mile route (red Route)Caister life boat stationAcleColtishallStalham

75 Mile route (Blue Route) – Caister Life Boat stationAcleColtishallPotter Heigham

50 Mile route (Yellow Route)Caister Life Boat StationAcleRanworthPotter Heigham

25 Mile Route (Green route)Caister Life Boat stationOrmesby 

Suggested None signposted routes to the event village (Pink Routes)
* NEW LOCATION * Filby Village Hall

Pink routes are suggested routes to the event venue or you can plan your own routes to us for your halfway stop. THESE WILL NOT BE SIGNPOSTED

Wymondham Route – https://ridewithgps.com/routes/33630748

Diss Route – https://ridewithgps.com/routes/33630792

Framlingham Route – https://ridewithgps.com/routes/33630970

Southwold Route – https://ridewithgps.com/routes/33631011

Local Information

When is it?

15th August 2020

Where is it?

Main Rd, Filby, Great Yarmouth NR29 3HN

How do I enter?

Entries are open follow the link below.