Intrigued how it works?

Medal-A-Month is a brilliant way to keep fit, stay active, start a new sport and earn amazing medals!

Follow the steps below to find out how to take part in Medal-A-Month challenge and how to start your journey. If you want to find out how to submit your evidence then please click here

Step 1

Enter your Challenge

You can either choose to enter an individual month challenge or take the year long challenge and tackle each month for a whole year.

Step 2


Challenge begins at the start of each calendar month. Once you have signed up you will then begin your mileage count to either complete 21,100,200 or 400 miles in a month. You can complete these miles wherever you like and whenever. Once you are successful you will be awarded your medal in the post and a congratulations certificate. 

Step 3

Submit Your Mileage

At the end of each month we will e-mail you and ask for your mileage and if you have completed your challenge. We will then ask for you to send over your evidence of your mileage but don’t worry you can simply put these milages in a spreadsheet or screenshots of Strava or fitness tracker device will be great.

Step 4

Get your medal!

(and your free centre piece if you signed up to a whole year)

Once your evidence has been approved by one of our team we will send you out your bespoke medal to you next day and you will received your very own medal segment. If you complete more months off the back of this you will be able to connect all your medals together 

Step 5

Enter another challenge!

After completely your first challenge you can now enter your next challenge