Old Buckenham Rallyé

Brand New Style of Mass Participation Events

A Cycle Rallyé turns the usual format upside down with the event village in the middle of the ride and access innovatively spread across the day to avoid unnecessary social gatherings and contravention of Government guidelines. The big day atmosphere, personal challenge and inspiration remains, and it is blended with Social Distancing and an event design that encourages safe and responsible cycling.


Description of the Event

The Tour de Broads Rallyé series is turning the idea of mass participation events on its head. You can choose your starting location and the distance you ride. We will setup our famous event village at the half way point on your ride, you will enter our event village and gain all the goodies listed below. You will be choosing your distance you ride to us at halfway so please choose your time slot wisely for your distance and speed of riding.

1. Choose which event you want to attend
2. Choose your hour time slot you want to turn up at our event village (your half way point of your ride)*read below for more details.
3. Select how many riders will be coming and fill in all the additional information for each rider for their elected time slot.

We want to create a socially acceptable event in this current climate so we have chosen to set up our event village at the half way point of your ride rather than at the start/end. This allows us to provide all riders with Lunch, A Medal, a lovely open area to relax and the feel of a big event without crossing the line of social distancing.

This means you can start and end your ride wherever you want to and ride whatever distance you want to….. There will be prizes though for the furthest distance ridden on the day!

What you can expect

The Tour de Broads Cycle Rallyé Series is a collection of three brand-new Cycle Rallyé events spread across Norfolk designed to offer cyclists a safe and healthy way to challenge themselves, stretch their cycling ambitions and offer them a rewarding and inspirational day out amidst the current desert of postponed and cancelled traditional cycling events. 

Our Rallyé village will offer you a midway stop and refreshments but perhaps most importantly, your hard earnt moment of celebration, recognition and glory as you ride through the village area, under the arch, collect your medal and pose for your souvenir photo.

  • Choose your own route — We will publish suggested routes to our event village.
  • Free Lunch — For all riders that reach our event village.
  • Special Custom Inter-Linking Medal — Part 1 of 3-part inter-linking medal
  • Safe and social distance friendly event village – This will be achieved by following strict Social Distancing rules
  • Free route guidance and advice
  • Suggested Route Drink Stops – These will be along our suggested routes into the Event Village

  • Mechanical Support

Choose Your Own Route

Just like in a car rallyé you get to choose your own route to the halfway stop where our event village will be. This is the first time this has been done for mass participation cycling events and will revolutionise how events are organised. We will post 4 suggested routes from varying locations across Norfolk to our event Village.

FREE Lunch

All riders who arrive in their selected time slot will be given a FREE lunch for their half way food on their ride.

Special Custom Interlinking Medal

All riders who complete their ride will receive the first part of our three-part interlinking Tour de Broads Rallyé Medal. The medal will be perfect size to pop in your back pocket and ride home or show it off with pride on your ride home too. 

Safe and Social Distance friendly Event Village

As event organisers we are working hard to comply with all of the governments guidelines for social distancing while still putting on events for you as cyclists. We will have strict social distancing guidelines that will be e-mailed out to all riders a week before the event as these can change weekly. 

Our Rallyé village will offer you a midway stop and refreshments but perhaps most importantly, your hard earnt moment of celebration, recognition and glory as you ride through the village area, under the arch, collect your medal and pose for your souvenir photo.


We will have our mechanical vans out in various places across Norfolk to assist if we can in a safe manner.

Useful Information

Working out your time window

You will be asked to choose a 1 hour time window to arrive at our event village. Please carefully workout how long it will take you to get to us. Please use the below link to work out you estimated time relevant to how far your are cycling and your average speed. Speed Distance Time Calculator

Our suggested routes - To the Event Village

These are our suggested routes from different areas across Norfolk and Suffolk. These are not the strict event routes and you can join and link into these routes if you wish. No road signs will be put out until the last 5 miles of each suggested route into the Event Village so please download your route or take a photo.

Suggested route to the event village (You can join or leave this route whenever you like) *we respect the right to change all routes up to 24 hours before the event.

North (Cromer) – https://ridewithgps.com/routes/32591931

North West (Kings Lynn) – https://ridewithgps.com/routes/32602334

South West (Bury St Edmunds) – https://ridewithgps.com/routes/32690590

South East (Framlingham) – https://ridewithgps.com/routes/33076611

East (Gt Yarmouth or Lowestoft) – Lowestoft, https://ridewithgps.com/routes/32591683

Great Yarmouth, https://ridewithgps.com/routes/32591716

Local Information

When is it?

26th July 2020

Where is it?

Old Buckenham Country Park, NR17 1PP

How do I enter?

Entries are open follow the link below