Event Organisers Precautions - Covid-19
Last updated: 25th February 2021, 11:59am



Cycling is encouraged by the government and is inherently low-risk as it takes place outdoors.  People taking part in our events sign up in advance and are given individual start times.  The events are not races, and the Start does not feature spectators.

The situation with Covid-19 is subject to change;  we follow government and British Cycling guidance about whether events can take place, the size of groups etc – so safety measures and risk assessments are subject to on-going review leading up to each event.

Current (24 July 2020) guidance from British Cycling (BC) and the Department for Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) is that it is allowed to ride ‘one metre plus mitigations’ away from those from outside your household, rather than always needing to maintain two metres.


‘The ‘mitigations’ listed by Government to allow ‘one metre plus’ include being outdoors and being side-to-side (avoiding face-to-face contact), both of which are achieved in group riding. We requested that DCMS allow us to make this change as we appreciate the difficulties caused by needing to maintain two metre distance, and we are pleased to say that they have now agreed.’ British Cycling, Behaviour Code, 24/07/20.

We will however be advising a 2 metre distance when participants are assembling and when they are not actually riding their cycles.

Cyclists are told in advance not to attend should symptoms consistent with Covid-19 become apparent.

Social distancing has become accepted and automatic, and reminders (eg signs and announcements) work to maintain it, should people need guidance.

The Start

We aim to minimise contact between participants, staff, and each other, so: 

The Start is arranged on a one-way system as much as possible

The riders are given specific start times at 15 minute intervals and will be set off in groups of 6 at 1 minute intervals.

Event sites (to include start/finish venues, car parks, refreshment stops) will have signs with clear safety instructions and an overall One-Way system will be designed so cyclists enter and leave the Start with minimal proximity to others and for a short period of time (between 5 and 10 minutes depending on their need for onsite facilities).

Cyclists’ arrival at the Start

90% of cyclists sign up in advance and will be sent guidance and instructions of social distancing, hand-washing and other safety measures before the event, with reminders at the event on the day.

Cyclists come to the Start, by cycling or by car.    Cyclists do not use public transport to get to the Start.

Cyclists arriving by car are directed to the designated car park.

Cyclists riding to the Start will be directed to the event village

Start Times to Spread Riders out and Minimise Group Sizes

Cyclists are given start times in advance at 15 minute intervals when they sign up online and are set off from the start in groups of six every minute as per British Cycling and Dept CMS guidance 



Once away from the start line, the route directs cyclists to  follow one of the 4-6 event specific routes differentiated by distance

Once on route, cyclists disperse very quickly.

Overall precautions include:

  • Final Instructions sent out the week before the event will ask cyclists to be socially responsible. If they (or anyone they have been in close contact with) have a fever or are showing symptoms, they should not take part in the event.
  • Cyclists have pre-booked a time slot to arrive. Only 6 cyclists (or family groups) per minute will start
  • We have limited places to 600 cyclists
  • Social distancing markers throughout the venue.
  • Marshals at entrance, holding zones and exit.
  • Handwash stations with alcohol gel will be situated around the site, in registration tents,  on entry, before medal and at water points.
  • Cyclists collect their own medal 
  • Cyclists will be asked to wear masks whilst in the event village, removing them only for food/drink and to start the ride
  • Toilets will be cleaned and sanitised continually throughout the day
  • All staff will wear masks throughout the day and gloves for any site preparation work where they will be handling equipment that may be later touched by cyclists (water bottles, hand gel, medals, lunch)
  • All staff will have personal equipment (radios, pens, alcohol gel etc)
  • Throughout the ride, cyclists will be asked to keep the ‘Rule of 6’ and the ‘1m plus mitigations’ rule

Assembly at the Start

Cyclists will be advised to ask possible spectators not to come to the Start.

Cyclists will be required to wear face coverings in the event village until they are in the final box waiting for their start.

There is no requirement for cyclists already signed up to check in or to have contact with crew – they arrive and are led via marked ways to the Start Ride-Through tent. 

Signs will remind participants of Social Distancing and that riders will be set off in groups of 6 at 1 minute intervals.

2 metre spaces marked out on the ground will be used to separate participants at any area on site where queues will form, including the Start area/gantry, administration tents, cycle mechanics, caterer/s, first aid, and toilets.


Cones / barriers / hazard warning tape / marshals / will be in place to separate riders heading for the Start from the riders wanting to pre-register to take part in the event.

Common touch-point areas will be wiped down regularly if relevant on site

Disposable gloves, masks and visors will be provided to all crew who come into contact with the public.

Crew to use equipment personal to them – including: pens / walkie talkies / event information paperwork, hand-sanitizer etc

Crew and marshals will be briefed in advance and on the day before the start of the ride and will be reminded of their obligation to self-certify suitability to attend the event, and notify the event team should they feel unwell or developing symptoms, and leave the event.

Crew working in close proximity (where this is necessary) will wear masks/visors and gloves – eg: sharing vehicles, signing the routes, erecting equipment and site logistics.   

Additional spare PPE equipment will be available.

Increased rubbish collection and clearance, with additional waste areas.

Hand sanitiser stations will be available at administration tents and throughout event sites for crew and for the public.

Participants’ personal belongings must be kept with each cyclist, there is no storage of cyclists’ belongings.

All cyclists complete a Covid self declaration form and are advised not to ride should they tick any of the boxes (form attached)

NHS Test + Trace

We have contact details for all of our participants, and names and phones numbers for all staff working on the event.  Participants are advised that their details will be retained for 3 weeks and passed to NHS Test and Trace if required.

Cyclists signing up On the Day

Cyclists who have not signed up in advance may do so on the day of the event at the Registration’ tent. Payment will be taken by contactless card machines  they will then collect a rider number and other instructions. Only 1 cyclist per table will be permitted to enter the tent and will be asked to wear a face covering. Pens used by cyclists will be used once only on a per-individual basis and stored for several weeks before re-use.


Water will be available for cyclists to fill their water bottles at the Event village. Sanitiser will be provided throughout the event village.  Bottled water is available along the route and all support vehicles will carry bottled water – medical, cycle mechanics and pick-up vehicles. 

Site Toilets – toilets will be regularly cleaned and disinfected throughout the day.

Other parties involved with the event

There is close liaison with service providers for first aid, cycle mechanics, marshals, and caterers.

Caterers and first aid providers will be asked for their separate risk assessments and operational plans.

All safety measures will be reviewed regularly and in accordance with government and British Cycling guidance and discussed with police, Safety Advisory Groups and local authorities.  


Should localised lockdown occur The Pedal Revolution will initially source possible alternative venues and re-routing where necessary along the route as may be required.

If none is available or the lockdown is so extensive it is not possible to re-route, then the event will be postponed until 2021.

British Cycling Event Planning Tool:

As well as the above we are making use of the British Cycling Covid-19 Event Planning Tool.  This provides questions as a means of double-checking that we have the right measures in place, as follows:

Are we aware of the latest guidance and any instances of local lockdown as provided by the Government?

Yes, we are, and we will continue to keep abreast of this as the event draws nearer.  We will also inform our riders by email and via our website if the situation changes.

In addition we are following the guidance from the British cycling 6 point re-opening plan ‘The Way Forward’

Do the event organisers and responsible volunteers understand the risks and transmission routes of COVID-19, the steps that all present can take to limit spread and the recognised best practice including respiratory etiquette, hand hygiene, physical distancing, etc.)?

As detailed above, the appropriate measures will be in place to enable all of our staff to adhere to this best practice.

Have the event organisers ensured there are sufficient quantities of hand sanitisers, alcohol rubs and handwash stations available throughout the activity site for all personnel (e.g., organisers, volunteers & spectators)?

Yes, we will have several stations within the start area for the public and in each vehicle and marquee for staff.

If a person feels unwell/shows symptoms of infection during the activity, do the activity organisers know who should be contacted  to report suspected cases and request support?

This would initially be dealt with by our First Aid team.

Are first-aid services or other medical services in-place and equipped to support the event, taking into consideration the number of participants and spectators? 

Yes, we have an experienced First Aid team and they are very familiar with this event.

Are all volunteers aware of their responsibility to regularly clean hard surfaces and equipment?

All staff and volunteers are part of our regular events team, and as such we keep them well-informed as to all of the new responsibilities that have come with the Covid-19 situation. Safety Briefing notes are emailed to all staff and volunteers before the event and all attend a safety briefing before the event village opens.

Are protocols in place for NHS Test and Trace to be followed if the organisers are made aware of any suspected or confirmed cases that attended the activity?

Yes, we have contact details for all of our participants and names and phones numbers for all staff working on the event.  Participants are advised that their details will be retained for 3 weeks and passed to NHS Test and Trace if required.

Are there procedures in place to modify, restrict, cancel or postpone the event in relation to covid-19?

Yes, we have factored this into our planning. Alternative venues are being investigated.   Any areas affected by lockdown are unlikely to be along the route, but if they are, we will re-route accordingly.  Should it be unsafe or impractical to continue, the event will be re-scheduled for 2021.

Have the event organisers, staff and volunteers been briefed on personal safety procedures and mitigation measures (including those specifically listed in this checklist)?

All staff receive a safety briefing email before the event and personal safety procedures will be covered and demonstrated during the safety briefing on the morning of the event

Have you set out clear communications outlining the responsibilities of participants and volunteers pre, during and post event?

Yes, we are using the British Cycling Covid-19 Behaviour Code (see attached) and making it available to our participants and staff.

Has this advice included information on self assessment prior to attendance at the event as per the BC guidelines?

Yes, this is included in the Final Instruction email that riders receive the week before the event. For those wishing to enter on the day, our social media and website include our Covid Precaution document that includes the Self declaration questionnaire.

Will the riders be advised to socially distance before and after the event?

We are advising and encouraging this in our communications before the event and reminding riders about social distancing at all stages of the event with signs, markings, and verbal reminders via public address system.  It’s certainly the case that cycling is seen as low-risk in terms of the Covid-19 landscape