We would like to say a huge ThankYou to all our partners

Adnams Southwold

Adnams joined us at the end of 2018 and have been passionate about helping us succeed as a local community and bring new and returning riders back into the sport of cycling. Adnams have very kindly offer 1 FREE drink for all our events this year to all participants taking part. 

Adnams are a local Brewery that are located in Southwold which ship all around the world and have a great sense of helping our local companies. Take a look here

Pedal Revolution Ltd

Pedal Revolution has been established in Norwich since 1998 and have been supplying the local community with a local and friendly bike shop and service since. They have now evolved to provide a full mechanics workshop, Bike Fit and Zwift Demo Centre. Pedal Revolution have kindly agreed to help support our events with a broom wagon and staff for the days of the event. 

Pedal Revolution have sponsored our events from the beginning and being a huge part of the success of the events each year. With a local connection to a great and friendly bike shop is have proved invaluable for our events success each year. 

Visit Pedal Revolution here

The Finance Shop

Cycling keeps us fit and active but there is no denying the years are progressing!

Today, there is access to endless information about investments, pensions and financial planning generally, but where do you start, what is right for you and who can you trust with this vital part of your life?

Building a long term relationship with a trusted Independent Financial Adviser can make a huge difference to your financial wellbeing. Financial planning is complex and there is no “one size fits all” approach. It is therefore vital that an individual plan is tailored to your circumstances, objectives and desires.

The Finance Shop offer a range of client services depending on your financial requirements including ongoing and premium services. Your Financial Adviser will discuss the options with you to help you decide what level of service is best for you.

Check out more here

Trek Bikes

Trek Bikes have joined and supporting the TPR family this year and have committed to help grow the events we provide to get more people on their bikes and enjoy the outdoors.

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Holkham Hall & Estate

Holkham Hall joined us in 2022 to be host and venue for the brand new Untamed Gravel event. The amazing team at Holkham have been so supportive and welcoming to this brand new event. 

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