Rider Stories #1 – Stephen & Lawrence

TPR Rider Stores#1 – Meet Stephen and Laurence from Essex, regulars at our events for many years as part of Hornchuch CC – but they had been keeping a secret from us all!
Now, I don’t often get time to wander around the car park at our events, but at the last Winter Series I spotted our friends unloading their bikes from a London cab!
It turns out Stephen is a London Cabby and it’s now a ritual for him to bring Laurence (yes, sitting in the back) and their bikes to our events in the cab. Class. I hope Laurence is a good tipper Stephen!
Thank you for supporting us over the years boys and we wish you many more happy “fares” up and down the A12 and A140. If you see the boys at this weekends Winter Series say hello, chapeau and hail their cab. Tax-eeeee….!
We know at TPR Events that we are lucky enough to have amazing riders with some equally amazing stories. If you would like to share your stories about our events, how you travel, who you ride with or your inspiration and goals then please drop me a line at ride@thepedalrevolution.co.uk and include some pics or message me on social media, we would love to hear from you…
Neil & Helen.